international observer :: all played out cd

It’s not just that we don’t much like genres at RTM it’s more that we don’t respect them… at all. So to release something as seemingly straight down the line as Tom Bailey’s dub album it had to be pretty special.

Tracks ::

1 Leaf Mold
2 Welcome
3 Freyburg Place Mat
4 2 Steps At A Time Sweet Jesus
5 Seedsavers Dub
6 Vale Bengali
7 London Dub
8 (The More) We Know
9 Hip Hop’s Final
10 Low Light Meter
11 Dirty Harry
12 War Memorial Museum Peace
13 Cellphone Dub

It is, and it breezes past the tags anyone might try to attach to it. Not a bit played out in the slightest, unless you’re a disc jockey.A seamless, slow burning masterpiece of electronic–dub creation by any measure.
DB, Tone Magazine

An astounding collection of batch brewed skank…ever so recommended.
Alan Perrot, NZ Herald

International Observer ~ All Played Out Original