With a couple of acts MIA, for one reason or another, from the first volume, this groan and sexy successor allowed an opportunity to introduce some fresh blood (muhahahaha) and label pals.

More highlights than an 80’s housewife walking out of the salon, and once again exemplary artwork from the house of Besantron.

Tracks ::

1 Superfoot – Tough in the Sky
2 SJD – Unshine
3 International Observer – Two Steps at a Time, Sweet Jesus
4 Kevvy Kev Low Key – Defrag
5 Juse – Slow Down
6 DJ Logikal – Verbally Decapitating
7 Trillion ft Demarnia Lloyd – 60 What (SJD Remix)
8 Pains People – Predestination
9 Tooth – Fantasy Island
10 Michael Logie – It’s Good
11 Phase 5 – Bruised Beans (Finely Ground Remaster)
12 Dooblong Tongdra – Hazmat
13 Phelps And Munro – Ex-Sports Star Turned Commentator
14 Foto – Places to Imagine People In


It’s all good, some gooder than good…what is this? Pacific Island winter vacation music made by tech freaks orbiting the planet. Yes indeed! Go Geddit!
DJ Stupid, The Fix

Compulsory if you have any interest in electronic listening music Sideways Too, a compilation of tracks, holds together exceptionally well as a ‘whole album’ listening experience.
Gavin Bertram, Real Groove

Various Artists ~ Sideways Too
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