Swiftly following on the heels of Phase 5, this zeitgeist compilation of family and friends on their very best musical behaviour, was described by Grant Smithies (in his book no less,) as ‘neither pre-club nor post-club music, but music that renders the drug-fucked genre-fascist nightclub experience redundant.’

Never have we been so hyphenated.

Tracks ::

1 SJD – Gigawati
2 Phase 5 – Roll The Bones
3 Submariner – Tha’ Natural
4 Juse – Daylight
5 Mood Unit – Mysterious Utility
6 International Observer – Now A Major Motion Picture
7 Sola Rosa – Hi Five
8 Kevvy Kev – Higher Dread
9 R&D – Divergence
10 Pains People – Other Worlds
11 Dooblong Tongdra – Sleep Is A Rehearsal For Death
12 Phelps And Munro – Horse Winning Without Rider


As lively a cross section as one could hope for, with styles ranging from lounge to pure electronica
4/5 stars Pete Lawrence of the Big Chill, DJ Mag, UK

An exceptional compilation
Graham Reid, Sunday Star Times

Various Artists ~ Sideways
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