Social Awareness was dreamt up when long time Stinky Grooves listener and Unitone HiFi supporter, David Jefferis, proposed doing a remix 12” to launch Haymaker Records, a brand new vinyl imprint from deepest rural Waikato. Seekersinternational, Tribilin Sound and Christoph El Truento, who have all been mainstays of the Tuesday night airwaves, were the trusted hands, swiftly chosen, to remold tracks from Spacial Awareness.

As things do, the idea quickly grew. The potential of repping a swathe of the very artists Stinky Grooves presents on the weekly, was too good not to pursue. A digital companion to accompany and incorporate the Haymaker Records 12”, well why wouldn’t you?

Going way beyond the original concept, the result is a delightful dozen artists from Aotearoa, Peru, the UK, Australia, US and Canada/Philippines over 16 tracks. Included amongst are social and aware crucial contributions from Stinky Jim, Strange Flesh, Seekersinternational, Christoph El Truento, Solar Tropics, Tribilin Sound, Amamelia, Naram, OoGuN, Jefferson Belt, The Long Champs. Tim Prebble and Rude Audio – it would almost be too much if it wasn’t all so excess essential.

Strap in, hold tight, be aware – spacials gone social.

1. Avant Grades (Stinky Jim’s Second Stab Stinktro Remix)
2. On The Ag (Strange Jim On The Blag Remix by Strange Flesh)
3. Steam Fish ft. Nazamba (Steam Veg Dub by Seekersinternational)
4. Cry For The Ute (Christoph El Truento Remix)
5. Cry For The Ute (Solar Tropics Remix)
6. Owner Face (Tribilin Sound Remix)
7. Owner Face (Amamelia Remix)
8. Owner Face (Naram Remix)
9. Owner Face (OoGuN Remix)
10. Flames Of Love (Jefferson Belt Remix)
11. Le Creak (Tribilin Sound Remix)
12. Runs On the Board (Jefferson Belt Remix)
13. Quiet Spillage (The Long Champs Remix)
14. Loose Carry (18th Man Dub by Seekersinternational)
15. Bolshy Ballet (Tim Prebble Remix)
16. Sand Gestures (Rude Audio Remix)
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