After getting a frankly flantastique remix of the album title track by our Parisian pal Kid Loco, it was decided that a remix disc would be the go. The finest remixers in the land were summoned and lo! They came up with some gooduns. We’re especially fond of P’n’M’s opener, SJD’s angsty workout and Mood Unit’s sprawling groove gardens.

Tracks ::

The Witness – Phelps & Munro Remix
Track – James Duncan Remix
Down A Hole – SJD Remix
Southern Lights – Kid Loco’s Shadow Catcher Remix
The Witness – MrWinter Remix
Rising Falling Rising – Mood Unit Remix
From A To B Or Not To Be – Greg Churchill Remix

Videos ::
Superman, You’re Crying
Rising Falling Rising
The Witness
Southern Lights – Kid Loco Remix

SJD ~ Southern Lights Pic n Mix
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