Deep in the the dark, Haunted Love have been looking out, waiting. The planets have aligned and now after four years of conjuring, Spirit Revival, their debut full length album, is ripe for the world.

The songs of Rainy McMaster and Geva Downey explore themes of transmogrification, transexuality, medicine, altered states, teenage love and fantastical worlds of science fiction and fairytale. The lady goth meets Stock/Aitken/Waterman blend of sound anticipates the new wave of Gothic R&B.

Produced and engineered by Edmund Cake (Bressa Creeting Cake, Pie Warmer) it features musicians Geoff Maddock, Ross Burge, Anna Coddington and The Sami Sisters.

Lacking none of the cool glamour of their 2009 EP Darkness in Diamond City (recorded, mixed and mastered by Tex Houston, self-released) this new album has high synth-pop appeal, is chock-full of delightful sonic weirdness, and makes ultimate use of Downey and McMaster’s vocal harmony magic.

The cover artwork is by very highly regarded NZ artist and photographer Yvonne Todd, who is exhibited worldwide. This is the first time Yvonne has agreed for her work to be used in this way and her spooky commissioned cover shot of the girls inspired the album title.

Haunted Love’s general zeitgeist glows darkly alongside the necromantic chic of Dunedin and sparkles brightly like Auckland on a good night.

Haunted Love ~ Spirit Revival