Music written, arranged and produced by Saan Barratt (The Vietnam War/The Dirtbags etc). Album mix and vocal production by Karl Steven (Drab Doo Riffs, Supergroove etc), mastering by Angus McNaughton. Guests include recidivist collaborator Caoimhe Macfehin (Drab Doo Riffs, Heart Attack Alley etc), Matthew Crawley (man about town etc) and even some high brow hootenanny by way of violins, clarinets and what have you.

Tourettes is Dominic Hoey, part of the highly esteemed Breaking Wreckwordz familia and basically that much of wordsmith he’s just about a wordjones.

With The Misadventures of Johnny Favourite, Gimme 5 Dollars and I’ll Show You My Dick, and Who Said You Can’t Dance To Misery albums under his belt he’s no spring chicken. He’s no grizzled turkey either.

Tourettes will do most anything with words, the spoken variety, poetry, rhyming sorta stuff… but nothing average or predictable. Superlative shit all the way.


Clever, cutting and hilarious with a vast and adventurous palette of beats (that could stand up as a record on it own on its own) from Saan Barratt.
Scott Kara, NZ Herald

Every time I listen to Tiger Belly I find a new favourite song – and every song becomes a new favourite at least two-or-three time, I get the sense that this shall continue as I fail to get tired of this record.
5/5 Andrew Tidball, Cheese On Toast

Tourettes ~ Tiger Belly